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Tru Group's 'Sapio Academy' can help you increase your chance of getting into university in the United States with our partnered universities, and the possibility for a scholarship up to 50% off tuition per year. Open to any student not from the USA who has the ability to pay for remaining costs of education (after scholarship). Our advice and assistance is free and we will help advocate on your behalf. Only cost to apply is the university application cost (where applicable). We expect to facilitate $100,000 in new scholarships this year.

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How we can help you get accepted

Counseling + Pre-Check

Our technology (chat feature) and advisors (nonprofit employees) assist you through finding the right university to fit your qualifications and financial needs (this is a fully free process). They will let you know what scholarships are available to you and which universities are a good fit for your career objectives and current English level.

Application + Documents

After you have decided which university fits your financial and career needs, we will provide the application for you to fill out directly from the university (application costs depend upon university). If documents are required, you will have to send those into the university (transcripts, recommendation letters).

Acceptance + Visa Process

After applying, our staff will directly contact the university and advocate on your behalf to improve your chance of acceptance. If accepted you will then be given an i20 visa application (which you are responsible to complete on your own). We will continue to be involved even after you arrive to advocate your needs to the university.


We offer assistance to help you apply to universities that partner with us and a scholarship to LOWER the cost of tuition. We do not charge you any cost for our help.

We provide a higher chance of acceptance for international students applying to our partner universities.

We provide the highest amount of scholarships available for these partnered universities.

With our program you do not need to take the American SAT or ACT, and if your English scores are not high enough, we have partners that offer ESL training.


Our scholarships do not cover all costs. Scholarships lower the price of tuition but do not completely cover tuition or living costs 100%. There is still a cost, but it is 10-50% lower than the cost to USA students.

We do not do the visa process for you.

We do not guarantee acceptance to university. Universities still have absolute control of their admission process, but we have a 98% higher acceptance rate than international students who apply without our services.

We do not give you the scholarship in the form of cash. The scholarship (if you are accepted) is automatically deducted from your tuition bill.

We do not charge for our advice or our assistance. Our services are completely free (Tru Group does not charge you for any assistance given to apply to universities within our network). There may be a cost for the application (which is by the university), but we make sure if accepted we have reduced the cost of tuition by that amount.


Keep updated on upcoming programs that have scholarships such as English camps or cultural trips and learn more about our scholarships and opportunities.

Helpful Resources

If you are looking to understand the program, be a volunteer, or partner your high school or academy with our group, please read the following information and materials. After reading, please contact and we will be happy to assist you. Tru Social Responsibility Program Letter.pdf Tru CSR Partner University List - S2019.pdf

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Tru Supporters

We are always looking for students looking to study and acquire a scholarship through our program, and also to partner with High Schools to assist students to gain a great education that will help them create a successful career.

“Tru Group's help made it so I could attend university in USA with the best price. I am grateful that I didn't have to use an expensive agent who didn't understand what I needed.”


Frequently asked questions

Is this scholarship cover 100% or is it fully paid for degree?

No. We do not offer full scholarships or fully paid programs at this time, due to legal and visa issues. Students will be responsible for any remaining costs after the scholarship. A student can get support from their parent or relative, get a loan from their home-country or with a cosigner from USA, they can get additional external scholarships from another source like a religious institution or another nonprofit, or they can get support from a company. We do not help students get the remaining funds. They are required to secure that financial support on their own.

Do we have to give you money? Do you charge us?

No. We do not take any money from you EVER. This is a free service, so we encourage you to NOT PAY FOR AN AGENT! Agents charge you money for their services and then charge you money for applications. We charge you nothing for our time and our advocacy, and the only money you will ever pay is directly to the university (for application fee and when you actually go to university to pay the tuition and living costs). We want you to say your money on agency fees, and to use that money to pay for your visa, airfare and tuition and living costs. We believe very strongly to not charge you for our services and our time. The CEO of Tru Group is a business professor and a nonprofit leader, and he believes that education can determine a successful life, so he is trying to help all students get a quality and practical education for the lowest price available.

What is requirement to apply? What documents are required?

In order for a student to apply, they must be a foreign student (not have a USA Passport), must be about to graduate or have graduated high school, must have at least average grades, and must have the ability to pay the remaining cost of tuition and living after the scholarship. For documents, through our partnership, it means that students are not required to take the American SAT or ACT test. Needed from the student to apply is an application, proof of the ability to pay the remaining costs after scholarship, transcripts of grades from high school and any university courses the student might have taken, letters of recommendation, English test scores if available, and sometimes universities request an essay or statement of purpose are all required for the application process. Students with a financial sponsor to help them pay the remaining costs, but who are unsure about their grades or results should directly contact our volunteer advisor to assist you in understanding your options. Students without a financial sponsor are not able to apply to university (since part of the application process is to prove you have the financial resources to afford the remaining costs after you get a scholarship).

What do I need to do to get the scholarship? Whats required of me? How long is the scholarship for? Do I need to reapply?

If you fit the criteria to apply for university, you apply for university, and you are accepted to university, you will get a scholarship (amount of scholarship is case-by-case). Whatever scholarship you are told you will get, you will receive that scholarship every year you are taking courses as long as you a student in good standing at the university. The money is not given to you directly, but is deducted from the bill you owe the university. Unlike other scholarships you do not need to reapply, and there is no requirement for research. We only ask that students take their studying seriously, and are dedicated to using education to make a positive impact in the world. The scholarship is for 4 years for bachelors, and 2 years for masters.

Is the scholarship guaranteed? What are the regulations?

The scholarship is on a case-by-case basis and is given based upon evaluation of the students grades, the likelihood that they have a financial supporter to cover the remaining costs after the scholarship, and the students overall attitude and ability to understand the volunteer advisor. The university application process will decide how much the student scholarship will be. There are a few partner universities that allow our volunteer advisors to set the exact scholarship amount before application. If this occurs, then the student is guaranteed that amount of scholarship if they are accepted into university.

Can you guarantee acceptance to the university?

Universities have full authority to reject the student for any reason. The university application process will decide how much the student scholarship will be. There are a few partner universities that allow our volunteer advisors to set the exact scholarship amount before application. If this occurs, then the student is guaranteed that amount of scholarship if they are accepted into university. If the student is rejected, our staff will determine what reason the university has, and will advise the student accordingly.

Is the application free? Or if not, what is the application cost? Is there any other costs to get your assistance?

One university offers a free application, whereas our other partners offer their application at $50 (a reduced price from the normal $200 application cost). Our services and assistance is absolutely free. We partner with a global nonprofit (Civic Enterprise Network) so that our services are FREE to any student who wishes to get our help.

Why are you helping students? What is your motivation?

Tru Group seeks to help students acquire the necessary education they need to be successful. It is part of our social responsibility program created by the CEO of our company. Money from our brands is collected and used to support this social responsibility program to ensure that we are able to assist students for FREE and are able to provide them with access to quality education and scholarships. We will continue to look for more partner universities to offer a wider variety of opportunities for students.

Why isn't this 100% paid for? How can I get 100% free?

Our program provides scholarships which help LOWER the cost of tuition. We are not a sponsor. However we are willing to work with anyone who has a financial sponsor, to help the sponsor pay less money. Financial Sponsors are individuals or companies who support one student to go to university. We are a scholarship program which helps lower the cost of university for many students and provides free services to students interested in studying in USA (normally our service would cost $3,000).

What universities do you currently partner with?

• Gannon University in Erie Pennsylvania – Close to major cities such as Pittsburgh, Cleveland, DC, NYC (our social level partner, which means we can provide a free application to students, and can directly advocate on your behalf with scholarships from 10% to 50%). Available Programs: ESL Training, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, Summer Programs. • Central Washington University in Ellensburg Washington – Close to Silicon Valley and Seattle (our responsibility level partner, which means we can provide a low cost $50 application to students and scholarships from 10% to 50% off tuition). Available Programs: ESL Training, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree. • University of the Redlands close to Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Hollywood, and San Diego and is of a higher university rank (our responsibility level partner, which means we can provide a low cost $50 application to students and scholarships from 5% to 33% off tuition). Available Programs: Bachelors Degree.

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